The Personality of an I.T. DepartmentThe Personality of an I.T. Department

The People Factor

When you think of the I.T. department, what comes to mind? Is it a group of people you'd like to spend time with?

Establishing a relationship with our customers is key to our success at Stratum. In order to be your I.T. department, we need to integrate with your team, and calling I.T. can't be a chore. Our staff is the personality of our company.

Our strategy for building a corporate personality and culture that promotes teamwork between our staff and yours is simple:

  1. Instill in our staff our values of integrity, approachability and humility.
  2. Practice these values from the highest levels.
  3. Invest in a long-term relationship with our staff, who in turn can build long-term relationships with our customers.


In the world of technology and business, there is a lot of information to take in. You count on those around you to be experts in their field, and to report honestly with your interests in mind. We believe that we look good when you do, and integrity is about consistency in what you believe, say, and do.


The nature of business can be high-stress, especially when computers are failing. We want our customers to feel comfortable approaching us with their concerns and questions, as well as engaging in friendly conversation from time to time.


There are many ways to accomplish a given goal. Unfortunately, technologically savvy folks are occasionally inclined to think their way is best, even disagreeing amongst themselves. We believe there is a time for expressing opinions and a time for listening. We can all accomplish much more when egos are given a back seat.

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