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As of this writing, we at Stratum Systems are entering into our 5th year of business. I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on our beginnings. An appropriate subtitle for this article would be:

In Loving Memory of Stephen Host

For two decades, Stephen built a legacy of unprecedented service and care for his clients. His personality and humour quickly turned customers into friends, and he demonstrated time and time again that he was deeply commited to the success of those who entrusted their computers to his care.

In 2005, Nate joined HCS Technologies as a technician. True to form, Stephen quickly surpassed his responsibilities as employer, becoming a friend and mentor to Nate. They worked together over the course of the following years, eventually adding Tim Brown as another technician. In early 2007, Stephen began to have some concerns about his health and was soon after diagnosed with ALS.

Stephen Anthony Host passed away on February 21st, 2008, after a valiant struggle with ALS. Over the course of the previous year, ALS stole from him his freedom of mobility, his ability to speak, his enjoyment of food-- and yet he stayed positive, writing and updating a blog through the use of a computer that tracked his head movements.

Stephen and his sonEver concerned that his friends were taken care of, Stephen entrusted the care of his customers to Nate and Tim, who accepted the responsibility with heavy hearts. It was a difficult time for us, upset by the loss of a friend but honoured by the trust he demonstrated in us. Nevertheless, we set out and tried our best to follow the model of integrity, honesty and approachability that Stephen had provided.

Today, four busy years later, we have continued to expand our services and staff. We are proud of what we have accomplished but will never forget Stephen and his legacy. A legacy we have the honour of building upon.

Please keep Stephen’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

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