CEO Email Scams

Apr 12, 2016 | Scam

A key component of security in the digital age is awareness. Often, it is not the technology that presents the biggest vulnerabilities to scammers and criminals, it is users. This is the principle that the classes of attacks known as "phishing" and "social engineering" are based on.

A keystone of "social engineering" attacks is the exploitation of trust. The attacker will pose as someone in a position of authority, or posessing some knowledge that grants them credibility. They will then use this false credibility to gain access and information from others who are deceived by their trick.

The "CEO Email Scam" is an example of this.


Phone Scam Warning

Oct 3, 2011 | Scam

There has been a recent trend of telephone scams targeting computer users. This scam is known to target both home and business users.

To help you protect yourself from this threat we have compiled some information on how the scammers operate.

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