Remote Support

Download QuickSupport for Windows, Mac or Linux

If instructed by one of our technicians, you may use the link above to request attended support. This will allow us to connect to your computer over the Internet to see your screen and interact with your computer.

If you have an account to access your own computers, you can log in here.

Stratum Backup

Every business should have off-site backups. Automatic Online Backups eliminate the hassle of manually taking tapes or external drives home. Stratum’s online backups automatically back your data up to our servers nightly. Data is encrypted prior to transmission, and remains encrypted even while stored on our servers.

Download the Stratum Backup client software below:

Download Stratum Backup Client

Microsoft Office 365 Trial

Try out Microsoft Office 365 before you make the decision. The trials below entitle you to one free month.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Microsoft Office 365, or for more information.

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